Google Now Offers End to End Encryption For Google Message App to Android Users

Google Now Offers End to End Encryption For Google Message App to Android Users

Jun 19 ,2021 Abhishek-Kumar-5828 0 Comments

Google introduced End-to-End Encryption for Google Messages. This is the standard SMS service on many Android phones. This will allow carriers to offer Rich Communication Services as an alternative to Apple’s iMessage on the iPhone. The Android manufacturer abolished Google Messaging in all countries last year, and E2EE only works with Google Messaging for individual communication and cannot be used for group chat. It also prompts the user to enable the RCS option. This allows carriers to provide features such as acknowledgment, write status, and location. These features are commonly seen in instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Signal but have not been used by large text messaging services for a long time.

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However, if you enable E2EE in your android messaging app, Google remains encrypted as the last member of the encrypted messaging train. This has been ignored by governments around the world for a while. SMS monitoring is usually simpler because it is done on the carrier’s network rather than the company’s private servers. Telecommunication service providers are required by law to keep copies of all text messages sent online and provide them upon appropriate legal request. E2EE can make this difficult as this technology allows only the sender and recipient of the text to read it.


It doesn’t matter who you send the message to. The information you share is private. End-to-end message encryption helps secure outgoing conversations. This way you can’t lose the content of your messages. Read remotely’’ on the phone and make sure no one can read the message ... Contents of the message. 


Google wrote on the site. That the news inspires other smartphone makers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. could allow E2EE to compete with Google.